“Daddy! You are Our Hero”


  1. We talk about how our mothers are jeopardized but have we ever thought about our fathers?
  3. Are they not pressurized, are they not juggling between family and wife?

  4. I am sure they are or they have at least at some point in their married life.

  5. Nobody knows their side of the story because Ideologically men who I am referring to dad’s here, don’t suffer. They don’t have the right to suffer and feel the pain.
  7. Caution: Things are quoted to compare the situation not that what a mother does is not her right. 
  9.                        These questions hover my mind back to forth  I want to know,

  11. Why mother leaving food for children be an epitome of love and her sacrifice but same thing becomes a father’s duty?
  13. Why do we only talk about our mother leaving home and not father separating from their parents? Or if not separating then constantly choosing between the two.
  15. Why should men be understanding husband when modern wife want to take care of her family?
    When it is absolute right of a daughter towards her family then why father’s who are doing the same stuff old-fashioned.
  17. Why is it that if a mother supports her family then she is a independent daughter but if same does the father, he is no more a loyal husband or a dedicated father because he supported his mother.
  19. Also,

  20. Why is it that if he supports his wife, he becomes a disloyal and disrespectful son.
  21. Why is the father only judged!!
  22. Is he not confined between all this, will he not have stress because of all this?
  23. Can’t he feel all those gallons of emotions that eventually lead to a breakdown?
  25. No, He CAN’T because he is a FATHER.

  26. He should act like a father, and be a MAN.
  27. Why only do we think our mother suffered because we saw her crying not our father?
  28. He is told since childhood that real men don’t cry.
  29. Mother’s LEAVING a job is considered a sacrifice for family but father’s DOING a job against all odds is his duty?
  30. Because earning bread  for children is his moral right, he can’t leave a job. What will society say.
  32. Thank What a Father Does

  33.  Why mother complaining about things is her right, but what if same does the father?
  34. He won’t because truth be told,
    He will not complain because afterall she is the mother of their child and he would not want his child to disrespect MOTHER. 
  36. That’s the beauty of a FATHER.

  37. He will go heaps for his family but won’t whine.  
  38. And many such to quote. 
  39. Can we just take a moment and thank what a father does at least appreciate his efforts and accept the love behind that obstinate nature. 
  40. Mother’s do suffer a lot, hands down no denial but society or even us should not shut one’s eye to what the father does.
  41. The beauty of mother can’t be taken from her but it’s 50-50 of mother and father that makes a child and we should definitely not repudiate that. 
  43.                             “My mother and father are both much more remarkable than any story of mine can make them.
  44.                                                                    They seem to me just mythically wonderful.”

  45.                                                                                              -Orson

  •                                              By A daughter of an equally independent Mother and Father! 🙂


  •             Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.