Transition from worker to HomeMaker.


  1. Who said life was easy? Leaving your preferred job and settling as a homemaker is a choice no one would be cool and ecstatic with. Working day and night to achieve the position and then to let it go in a click is not a child’s play. Takes a lot of strength and grit to move on in life from the position you hold, to settle within the four walls of your house. Transition from a worker to a homemaker can actually be a life changing decision for an individual.

The transition to become a homemaker could be a decision taken out of compulsion or totally out of choice. Different situations result in different decisions. The underlying factor should be that a person should be clear while exercising this option. Clarity of the pros and cons associated with such a changeover should be crystal clear.


  1. There are people who are of the opinion that they have worked enough in their lifetime and would like to sit, enjoy and sip hot cup of coffees in the comfort of their home.
  2. And there are people who are forced under the circumstances that they are living in, to quit their job and settle down for domesticity. Mostly new moms opt for such a transition.
  4. Be it anyway, the path to settling down is not a cakewalk. Initially it may seem fine but later on people face issues like lack of social interaction, work related appreciation, their me-time while commuting or lunch breaks in office, that they have been used to in their life is also missed to a great extent.
  6. The transition from a worker to a homemaker may not be easy but with a little planning you could be in a comfortable zone.


  1. Kids have their mom with them 24/7

  2. We all know how kids long for their mommies to come back from work, they have so many things to share with them. Suddenly, when she announces her home stay plans, every child thinks their fairy godmother has granted them the sweetest wish.  For a mother the feeling of a happy and a contented child is priceless. Transition to a stay-at-home mom becomes a cakewalk, as being with them, gives her immense pleasure.
  4. Undisputed queen of the house

  5. Yes! A homemaker does what she feels like doing in a manner best suited to her. The way she wants to keep the house, the way she wants the work to be wrapped up, the way she wants to fit the work in her schedule. No questions asked, no explanations provided. No hassles with home staff, she is the decision maker. Transition from working to homemaking is executed as per her will and comfort. And she definitely is neither seeking permission nor perfection in this job.
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      • Lay down the rules with your partner

      • Ensure that you are not taken granted for. Your partner should be very clear with the do’s and don’ts involved on becoming a homemaker.  Beware-taken for granted attitude should not seep into your husband. Responsibilities should be well divided amongst you both. Just because you are a homemaker now, should not give anyone the right to treat you any less.
      • Embrace an activity for a small part of the day

      • All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Same can be said for us homemakers too. If one keeps on doing the housework which endlessly keeps on repeating itself on a loop, then you will soon burnout. It becomes imperative for one to practice one passion, be it art, any DIY craft or even yoga to relax one own self. Music and dance can be relaxants to the body and mind both.
  9. Build a support system around yourself:

  10. One realization of staying at home is that you need to build a strong system of helpful people around yourself. Many times, you need to drop kids while visiting a doctor or have to rush for some other important work and need people to act as caretakers. Such support system works immensely well, especially as the transition to stay at homemakers seldom had the time to communicate with such people.
  12. Things may not go as per your plans

  13. When we work in office everything is well planned and communicated in a chain of command and hence, we are used to that culture. But circumstances completely change for stay at home people. Impromptu situations demand unique and prompt reactions. So, things may go haywire, or may not meet our expectations at all. Neither should the temperaments be raised, nor we should bring the sky down to cover our incapacities.
  15. Leave office at a good note

  16. We never know what life has instore for us. What if the boredom, or financial insecurity or the urge to work again may overcome our decision to stay at home? Leaving office on a good note, not only open doors for a welcome- back scenario but also helps in gaining references if we decide to switch the field of our work.
  1. Budget planning is a must

  2. A transition from worker to a homemaker may result into huge financial shifts too. Suddenly a fixed income of a month starts missing. It may not jeopardies one’s existence but surely the finances are missed unless you start working from home and turn the tables again.
  4. A transition from a worker to a homemaker is not easy. In fact, a lot of challenges, both emotional and financial have to be dealt with. One must remember to always keep themselves updated with the changes in the industry they were working. You never know, when u feel like taking the plunge again and prepare yourself for a comeback.


  1.       Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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