“A truly submissive woman is to be treasured and protected, for it is only she who can give a man the gift of dominance”.





As an individual, as a wife, I choose to honour my husband not because I am weak, but because I am strong. Being submissive is to be ready to conform to the authority or will of others, not to accept slavery. Submission is not weakness.


Strange but true. As a person, I am a strong believer of what is quoted above. I myself firmly believe that being compliant is not equal to projecting yourself as being caged or a slave to anybody. And for a marriage to succeed, submissiveness plays a dominant role. Let’s look it at from a man’s perception.


How would you as a husband like to see your wife?


Someone who is non -resisting, docile, obedient, compliant, self-effacing OR someone who is obstinate, defiant, disobedient, rebellious or domineering. The answer to this is…

Men love submissive women, even when they say they don’t. There’s just something about a beautiful, soft woman looking up to them to protect and take care of them, that inspires a man to greatness.

So, my dear fellow women, let’s win the world, by being smart, by being tactful. Here are certain pointers in order to become a submissive wife and turn the tide in your favour.


6 Tips To Be A Submissive Wife.


Submission is not slavery.


I, while writing this article was thinking as to how many pre-conceived notions about me have already been formulated by the fellow women reading my articles.


Known for strong opinions and voicing my thoughts on women’s rights and their independence at the drop of the hat, here I am actually advocating submissiveness in wives? Yes, I am because slavery and submission are two different worlds altogether.  Being submissive is to accept authority, being a slave is to lose your freedom. We submit ourselves to our god, without fear without any hesitation. Likewise, just submit yourself to your husband or partner in a relation, the feeling will be divine.


Combat the situation wisely.


When we become parents, we do not like our kids answering back to us. We take it as a disrespect. Same ways, to achieve the submissiveness, try not to answer back to your partner. Address the situation as a wise person would do without being gender specific. An argument that can be resolved with a smile and wit and a soft face and demure eyes, does not require the heat of yelling voice, clenching teeth and tensed face muscles. Win by love, by submission. Trust me, women, your wish will be his command.


Huge game-changer.


 A wise woman once said, “she remembered who she was, and the game changed”. No one has ever won a battle with guns, it’s always a strategist who is the winner. Being a submissive wife works in favours for a woman. Men adore such women; they are ready to go to any lengths for their damsels in distress. And a smart woman knows how to tackle the situation. It’s like playing smart. Think smart, act smarter.

Ego clashes won’t be the solution ever. And submission does not mean that you don’t put your thoughts forward. Give your opinions, present your thought process in front of him, give him suggestions, he will not only listen patiently, but surprisingly will be in agreement in most of the matters.



Mutual trust and respect.


Be it any culture, any country, any relationship in any place of the world, one thing is common, that respect and love changes everything. Mutual respect amongst husband and wife makes the relationship strong and cemented with love that can move mountains. A woman does not become small, if she asks for help. She does not diminish her identity if she listens to her husband.

Don’t fall in the trap of being judged by fellow woman as vulnerability is the strongest state to be in. How boring it would be if we were constantly dominant or constantly submissive. Understood by one and judged by the rest, woman do what is good for your own personal well-being, let the people talk.


Wear your confidence always. Beauty is YOU


However, cliched it may sound, beauty always attract. And the best feature on anyone is their confidence. A fit body, a confident smile and an alluring face can make any man crazy in love. Beauty alone should not be the only attraction, because that will fade with age, but definitely it’s a booster in any relationship. A smart dress, fresh face as morning dew, hair neatly pinned up will make your husband do anything for that smile and look. We work day and night to make our home look good and tidy, our kids to be dressed up smartly, then why not pay attention to our own self?


Does not work for abusive relationship.

Submission should not be confused with taking injustice in a marriage. Being a submissive wife will never work in an abusive relation and no woman should ever try to be one in such a situation. Compliance is good if the partner is worth the obedience, otherwise no compromise should be done. A submissive wife should be treated with care and love and respect, violence and physical abuse should not be a part of her life.

Very cliched it may sound, but the reality is that the divorce and infidelity rate also reduce considerably if the partner is submissive in a relationship. It’s basically working out all the permutations and combinations and then deciding the degree of submissiveness you as an individual would like to exhibit in a relation.


Some may see it as a compromise on their self-respect and a question mark to their existence. And some may see it as a way to achieve peace and harmony in their relations and yet have a say in every situation and opinion in every matter. As the famous saying goes


 Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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