Parents are of paramount importance in everyone’s life. “No matter how far we come, our parents are always with us.” We love them, we respect them, for us home means them. 


Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. From the time we are born,  the first cry, the first walk, the first day in school, our achievements, our failures, our heartbreaks, we always have them.


The grandparents should not be left behind. Who has not enjoyed their childhood, with the long forest walks, the traditional household food and umpteen bedtime stories been narrated over and over again. Good old days!


I  remember my childhood quite fondly. A nuclear family, most loving parents, they always kept us before them, our lives revolved around each other. Despite both being working, they always had all the time for us.I proudly say that my parents were my backbone, they still are…

Although certain learned people present a different view in today’s era.They are of the opinion that value of parents is being diminished with the advent of technology. Gadgets have taken paramount importance in the life of the children.


They believe that friends and relationships are just to fill the voids. Serious commitments are a thing of past. Many rationalists believe that the kids of today’s times treat parents like  ATM cards and nothing else.

For them house is being substituted as a hotel where food, shelter, laundry is provided free of cost. But generalising this in my opinion is not correct. To which ever generation the child may belong, parents are, and will always be their first love.



The Importance of Parents


They gave life, they will always give love


Parents brought you in this world. Nobody can think well for you than them. They are providers of unconditional love to you. Your friends may leave, your foes may backstab you, but your parents will always be standing behind you to offer you their love, protection and support.


Parents are the best teachers.


We all spent on an average 6-7 hours in school. As we grow up, our life becomes busy with the various extra activities that we undertake. Teachers make us evolve, but the real lessons of life are taught to us by our parents. They provide us wisdom, the tact to live life, to tackle situations, to embrace difficult times and emerge as a winner. Their advice is in our best interest always. 

Our most genuine advisors.

We live in a world where people are sweet on our face and bitter behind our back. One gets to see the true colour of people when we are no longer beneficial in their life. Here is where the parental love comes in. They are  the only souls who not only think good for us but also point out our mistakes and make us take the corrective actions. They are not pleasers, nor are they fake. They tell us their honest opinion which may cause heartbreak initially but is best for us to breathe and live life.

The true cheerleaders.

Hit the lowest point in your life, you will see them. Hit the highest and they will be there. Our parents are there for every moment, if not physically their wishes and blessings are always present in our lives. As famously said, god could not be everywhere, so he sent parents to do the job. They are the only ones who will support you, who will cheer you, wether you score a zero or you score a hundred.




Our ultimate saviour.


When life hits a critical moment, parents are the ones who are our ultimate saviour. No one can ever match their level of support be it emotional, physical or the most difficult financial.


Try losing out some money and then asking from family and friends. Parents will only come to rescue as your permanent bank accounts. An account where withdrawal is not only in term of finances, but also in the form of care and warmth , attached with every movement of ours.  Respect them, show them your love, always show them the gratitude in life you have for them, all they want is your happiness. 


There is no substitute of parental love. Even after they die, they remain in us. We can talk to them in our subconscious every day, seek advice, confess our inhibitions. Their comforting smile would be the answers to all our problems. They never go, they always stay with us. They only know how to give. All of us have two wings, mother and father. When we have both we can fly. Life’s hard with one wing, even harder with none. Everyone should have two as long as possible. Look after your parents!!


It’s necessary that we value them. No matter which stage of life we are right now, their presence or absence should be acknowledged. Appreciate your parents. We never know what sacrifices they went through for us. As someone rightly said

“Love your parents and treat them with loving care. For you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.”


Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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