We all have one life. We should live it to its fullest.  Love it to the hilt. After all, as the saying goes



But, if in any situation we find that life is not doing  justice to us, or the need of the hour is to reinvent our self, we should not shy away. We should start a new life, more meaningful, more satisfactory, more lovable, more livable. As rightly said life is all about moving on. And many times, a situation arises when we are totally unsatisfied with the way our life is heading. So, there’s nothing wrong in starting afresh.


One needs to start everyday with a new hope. We have to leave bad memories behind, past has to be buried. One has to have faith for a better tomorrow. A new life, a new chapter has to be written. Our life is a book consisting of blank pages. It’s upon us how we write it.



These Pointers May help You Start A New Life.


  • Never say Never.

  •  People generally live with this attitude that either they want everything or nothing at all. A depressive attitude with a pessimistic direction, it leaves one for craving more than the appetite.  The whole concept behind this attitude is wrong. We should take small steps toward our goals.  And if we do not achieve success, we should have the never give up attitude in us.We seek outside the wonders we carry within us.
  •                    For one to start a new life the first rule is to give up giving up
  • You are limitless, Stop confining yourself.

  • Life is a canvas, paint it the way you want, spread the colors you like, and let your imagination be sky high. After all, not all classrooms have four walls, then why should we restrict our thinking when it comes to the way we want to spend our life. To start a new life, be limitless. Come out of the pre conceived notions that surround you in your thought process. It is very necessary that you retain your individuality, you should be what you are not what others want you to be.


  • Live for People’s Acceptance and you will Die from their Rejection.

  •  We live a life in which the opinion of other people holds prime importance to us. In the process of starting a new life this should be done away with at its earliest. We must love our self, approve our self, rise and shine in our own eyes. Acceptance from the near and dear ones should be secondary. As a very famous saying goes
“Don’t worry if people don’t like you, most people are struggling to like Themselves.” 

  • Truth is many individuals have faced the heat in life and tasted defeat over success. As for them the greatest prison in which they live is the fear of what other people will think. On the contrary, you are brave, you are strong and you are smart than you think.

  • I am Incomparable.

  • Those are the words one should say to oneself each moment. Comparisons are bad, they deplete one’s confidence in the long run. Setting benchmarks is progressive, comparing yourself with others is regressive. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. The paths, the choices that they make, are different, so why compare their approach. It’s our journey, our set of struggles and our joy of victories. To start a new life and be successful in it, we must concentrate on just us. After all
“I am my strongest and only Competition”.



  • The Thought Process needs a Radical Change.


  • Impossible word is also spelled as I am Possible. So, from I Can’t to I Can, should be the slogan of your new life. There is nothing that you as a person can’t attain, this thought should be playing on a loop in your head. One’s confidence to start a new life will be on a different level altogether when a positive and a confident individual will take the command over its own reign. It’s just one thing we must keep reminding ourselves…

    “I refuse to go back to the old me, I am becoming a better person using my past experience as a lesson.”

    The above list as in all my articles is exhaustive. Life has a new lesson to teach every day, and thus pointers will keep on finding their place in our lives. After all its never too late for a new beginning in your life.


             Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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