Are we living an Organised Life?

Is there a proper place for everything and everything in its proper place? Is your stuff just lying around, or has been kept in a proper manner? Are you living an organised life?Simple questions… right? But their answers are not that straight forward. This is due to the fact that most of us have the habit of procrastination which in turn is responsible for cluttering our lives. Clutter is simply delayed decisions.



What does “ORGANISE” mean?


Organising is making arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity). And what’s a bigger activity than your own life. Organising is basically being in control of everything you do. Organising your life requires you to work hard and act responsibly towards every aspect. No single person has ever regretted being organised in life.


Ever wondered, why the word “stress” is so much in fashion today. Like literally, 10 -15 years back one hardly used this word in their lives and now children as young as 3-4 years old are undergoing stress and its treatment as per doctors. The whole underlying cause is that we do not organise ourselves. Physically, digitally, as well as emotionally. The idea of starting to organise one day is so embedded in us that we forget that “someday is not a day of the week”.


Let me tell you my own story here: My son is 13 years of age, an extremely well mannered, obedient and intelligent child who is a blessing for any parent.  He is loved and praised by all. But he has one major drawback that overpowers all good traits of his, his indiscipline and disorganised way of living his life. Walk into his room, and one will get the ugliest picture of scattered belongings all over.

Starting from his books, his clothes, his guitar, his toys, all are lying in the most cluttered manner. Such children who do not realise the importance of organising things in their proper place always find it difficult to inculcate such habits in the later years of their life. And organisation of one own belongings is no rocket science. One has to keep it simple, one has to just develop routines, a current and a detailed “to-do list” is all that is required.



When my son will realise that “Organisation is the foundation to get the rest of his life in Gear” he will be sorted. Till then, the mess is his den!!

With many people, hindrance arises in organising when they seek perfection. One has to ensure that proper placement is there of things, seeking perfection may overkill the whole process.Organising is a journey, not a destination. So, take it easy, do not fret over precision, it won’t help anyone. The whole purpose should be to set the pace of the body in conjunction with the  peace of mind as your highest goal and organise your life around it.


     Good organising is not about changing your personality, its just about changing some of your habits. Certain pointers for a better and an organised life would be:


Writing down is the best remedy

Let’s face it guys, memories are fading away with too many things to remember in this fast paced life of ours. How many of us can actually memorise every important thing or our work list nowadays? Since memorisation is neither possible for all, and nor desirable too, best is to pen down your “to-do list” to avoid any last-minute hassles or goof ups. Check and cross, old school days can be happily relived.



Set Deadlines

We all have goals. The problem arises when we do not follow the proper path and time allotted to achieve them. Goals have to be achieved within realistic deadlines. We should be very particular about the path/ schedule we undertake to fulfil them. Also, goals have to be achieved in the scheduled time for the fulfilment of our desired objective of leading an organised life. Delayed decisions and delayed goals achieved don’t do much good.



Learn to de clutter

We have an emotional attachment with almost everything in our lives. Our first toy, our first date dress, our first rose, our first hard-earned branded bag….and the list is endless.

Sentiments are good and memories are to be cherished but ever thought how much clutter we are actually collecting. It may sound rude to many, but we have to learn to move on let go our attachments and discard unnecessary stuff. Area constraints are there in palatial houses as well.Its wise to keep only what you need and discard unwanted stuff.


Proper storage is the key

If one has the perfection in storing things to their designated places then the entire battle is won. The key to a good organised life is placing things in their proper place. Not only we are able to find the things as and when the need arises without looking in ten different places but are able to guide other people also in doing so if we are not physically present there.



Let go “procrastination”

Once you let go the habit of delaying, you and your life will be on the right path. Our targets should be set. Priories should be fixed. And to reduce stress from our lives we should erase the word procrastination forever. Procrastination is the enemy of success. Our mind is for having ideas and not holding them. Once you start taking timely actions, it  will destroy your procrastination habit to a great length.



Plan your work for today and every day. Then work your plan.” -Margaret Thatcher.


As always said that organisation is the key to success, we should imbibe mannerisms to stay focused, decluttered, and organised. Being organised is being time-efficient. And as we all know, time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.

 So, let’s channelize our energy into organising ourselves for our own betterment.


Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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