A perfect and a happy marriage is when two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other. They love, they hate, they adore, they fight, they accuse, they conciliate. They scale any heights to attain happiness in their marriage.Marriage in any part of the world is the most sacred institution. The sanctity that marriage holds to itself is unquestionable. Couples vow to give their best for this relationship to last a lifetime.


 Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love,

and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.

-Tom Mullen


But, marriage is not a bed of roses. It’s a relation that demands love, trust, honesty and commitment from both the partners. To make a marriage bounded by love, strength and happiness, couples need to put their heart and soul in it.


Marriage also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized reunion between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between those spouses, as well as between them and any resulting biological or adopted children and affinity. Source: Wikipedia


Happy marriage is a union between two souls who want to enjoy the matrimony bliss forever. A husband and a wife take all measures to ensure that their relationship stands the test of time and hardships. Constant efforts by the couples to ensure that their marriage is a happy marriage should be their sole purpose.


It takes a whole lot of heart felt efforts to reach a level of satisfaction and happiness in a relation that is not bounded by blood, but by love and warmth that two individuals can share between each other.


                   Certain baby steps that we could take to make our marriage happier and merrier are listed below.

                                 Here’s to love & laughter & happily ever after.


  • Winning of an Argument

  •  This should not be “the be all and end all” in a marriage. You win some you lose some, but if you let your spouse win an argument … then you win it hands down.  As they say…Surrender: it works wonder. And in no way you become the lesser soul. You in fact rise in the eyes of your spouse beyond doubt. A happy marriage is fights being resolved with patience and letting the opponent think that the other has won.
  • Over criticism of your partner

  •  Our best and the most useless activity worldwide is judging people. We observe, we judge and then criticize. And while performing this wisely activity, we often reserve the harshest arguments and judgements for our spouse. And frankly, bad habits die hard. We as humans can’t let go the habit of finding umpteen faults with our own spouse.
  1. No doubt, this practiced to perfection, ruins the chances of survival of any marriage.  So, for sustenance, or to attain an altogether different level, that is to lead a happily married life, we should wrap up criticism in the beautiful emotion of love which is comparable to hitting someone with freshly scented roses.
  2. Rather than saying “that you are not good for anything” something like “honey… lets work for betterment” really helps.  Nobody likes to be shown a MIRROR IMAGE. At the same time being the “goody shoes” also does not help. A mid-way must be found and adopted.
  • Sleeping over Issues

  • When a couple fight, it is normal and acceptable part of their relationship. But a happy marriage can be ruined by sleeping over such fights and letting the volcano build up. If issues are not timely resolved, eruption of those contained emotions have a catastrophic effect. The golden rule of any marriage is to resolve all the fights before going to bed. Yes, there may be cases which are very technical and impractical to be solved at the spur of the moment, but still we should try to resolve issues as much as the circumstances allow.
  • Past should not interfere with the Present

  • Let the bygones be bygones. Getting the past in your present is like laying the death bed of your marriage. Past fights, past mistakes, past affairs all should be buried deep. One must live in the present and aim for future. So, anything that has been committed as a mistake, apologized and forgiven should not find any reference in the present or future. Happiness in marriage can be ruined and relationships can fall apart if we do not move on in life.
  • Complement each Other

  • Honey! You look fab today. Try this on your spouse and make hay while the sun shines. We all want that one approval of us that we secretly seek and desire from our better halves. We all love compliments. We love being desired and feeling important. We are social animals, the feeling that we are wanted raises our self-esteem and confidence.
  1. The secret for having a happy marriage is to keep on praising each other, complimenting each other. There are enough people in the world to bring you down, you don’t need to add on to that number. A look of admiration from the spouse can do wonders to the other. Complimenting your partner once a while is like sunshine on a rainy windy day.

    1. Live your passions

    • Passion makes a person alive. And to attain perfection they have to be practiced. In a marriage couples must ensure that they live their passions to the fullest. This is so because happiness goes a long way in keeping the souls united. And what more happiness can one derive than fulfilling his dreams and desires.
    1. If the creative aspect of any human is satisfied, then the soul is always happy and merry. Passion breeds contentment and happiness in an individual.  Moreover, if apart from individual fulfillment of passions some are done on a joint platform … then nothing like it. Collective passions bring the couples closer.
    • Expectations vs reality

    • Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them. It’s natural for couples to expect from each other, but expectations always ride over the reality. Blaming everything that happens wrong in your life on your partner is not something a happy marriage will ever suffice on. One single person can’t fulfill all your expectations. Different roles require different people. Let friends and family members fill their parts, spouse can do their respective roles.
    • Seek help, seek counseling

    •  If you think that there is some trouble in your marriage, seek help. Therapist and councilors are there to provide solutions to every problem. But this should only be exercised when you have given it your best shot and still things are not working out. Every relation has its own ups and downs, positive attitude and right thinking will help you sail through.
    1. Well, the pointers could go endlessly, the whole crux is that for a happy marriage we must work and work hard enough to reap in the benefits. Arguments are acceptable, yelling or physical abuse are disastrous. Admitting your mistakes and seeking forgiveness is divine.
    3. Your spouse is your universe. For a marriage to be a happy marriage, neglect everyone and make him/her your focus. We, through this platform wish that each of you have a happy and a successful married life. A happy married perfect life is all that we desire.
    5.     Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.

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