How To Find True Love- Is it Easy?

Love is in the air ………yes, it is!

Love … the purest human emotion, a strong feeling that one has when one likes something/someone very much. Love is everywhere, yet we wonder as to how to find love in our lives. When you start loving yourself you start feeling better, and you start to attract better. It all starts with YOU.

Love can happen between two same or two opposite sexes, between siblings, between parents and their child/ children, between a student and a teacher….and the list goes on and on. Here ,we in this article will be discussing how to find love between two sexes;

A Girl and a Boy.

A Man and a Woman.

  • Be Yourself: Authenticity goes a long way… many times, it is said that love is very rosy in the beginning but then the charm just fades away with time. This is because in order to find love we present a different “US” to impress and lure the other person and our own self. Your personality should be the real you, it should not be fake, one takes pride being him or herself and it shows in every aspect. One should in order to find love should be very clear as to what he is looking for in a relationship.

  • The focal point should be a relationship, not the Partner: the whole concept of falling in love is very divine, very godly, very beautiful, very intriguing. In a quest to find the love we often focus on the partner. Rather than we should focus on the journey of love. No one is perfect, neither us nor our partner. There is always some madness in love, love is not only something you feel, but it is also something you do. So, the main point is to let that CHECKLIST be, flush it down, just live the moment.
  • Reach out with your Heart on your Sleeve: it’s all about meeting people. To find love you must make yourself available. Love won’t come if you lock yourself behind close doors waiting for some person to knock it. That doesn’t happen in fairy tales also now…. Haha. It’s the Millennial Age, let’s grow up. Meeting people, interaction, communication, making the moves are all ways to find love in your life.
  • You Deserve your Love: one should be confident and self-deserving in the quest of love. To find love we should strongly believe in ourselves. When we are sure about ourselves then only will someone else will lay his/her life and hearts in our hands. And in this journey of finding love we should also remember that “real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walking along the beach. It is based on respect, compromise, care and trust”.
  • Dating Apps/ Online Love: Although not a big believer of this, still over the years this has proved to be one of the best ways to find love, to find the person of same wavelength, to find a person of common thought process. Easily available, highly in usage makes it an attractive option. But care is needed while using such mediums, SAFETY FIRST should be a strict rule that should be adhered to.

Key Takeaway

There is no one single rule, no one single method of how to find love. It just happens, but for it to happen, our minds and the doors of our hearts should always be open and welcoming. Love makes life beautiful, worth living, we cherish every moment, not always glorious but definitely better.

We Work Towards a #HappyPerfectLife 🙂