Every woman is unique, every woman is perfect.


We all look upto strong and independent woman. They inspire us, they bring the courage in us. They make unusual efforts to succeed. They consider logic, decisiveness and being bold as their biggest strengths. They seek perfection in life. The  inner me always wishes  that “Women, may your tribe grow. May you emerge as the strongest, toughest, and always roaring for success human beings”.


Who is the Perfect Woman?

A woman who lives the way she decides and desire, meets people of her own choice. A woman who has mind like friends, who does not follow men for dating and definitely does not have marriage as her only goal of existence in life. A woman who is a visionary, has a defined  purpose to live life, for her own betterment and the society at large is a perfect woman.


Comprising of almost half of human race, a woman is an individual responsible to carry forward human growth as god has bestowed productivity rights to her and her only.A woman is a female human being, the word female is usually reserved for an adult…Wikipedia


So, women are women, some good some bad, some real some fake, some perfect some full of imperfections…. basically humans. And we often see men and many a times women also seeking ways to find the perfect woman. What is the definition of a perfect woman, many times I am inclined to ask this to my fellow humans? We all shout out loud that we should not be judgmental, everyone has a different perception, glass is half full or half empty…. then how do we label someone as “PERFECT WOMAN”.


Well, she is stronger than it seems, smarter than we think and more courageous than we believe. She is here to rule! In order to satiate the thirst of my query, and other people at large I tried capitulating certain pointers which could help us identify this phenomenal persona.



How Will One Get to Know that She is the Perfect Woman?



She knows what she wants.


A perfect woman will know exactly what she wants from her life. What gives her happiness…a career, a home maker, a single woman, a mother, a married woman, whatever be it she will be sure of her status. She will be the single force in deciding her position and the ways to get there. Help is much needed and desired from co humans, but choice would be hers and only hers.


She knows how to get there.


Not only is her vision clear regarding her ambition, but even the path that she must choose is crystal clear before her eyes. The track, the obstacles, the victories , the success  stories are all envisaged by her. The perfect woman knows how to navigate her hurdles in order  to achieve her desired goals. She belongs at the top, and she knows that she is worth it.


She uplifts the people around her.


A perfect woman would always lift herself and the people around her. She would never want her success to be at the cost of someone else’s failure. She is someone who will never back stab anybody, she will always be on the face. She is not someone to whisper behind the backs. As rightly worded … Be a Woman who Lifts other Woman, Not Back Stabbers, Not Haters.


She is in complete command of herself.


Knowing her capabilities not only makes her confident but makes her limitless too. She has her own share of fears, insecurities, challenges, but she faces them with complete élan. With full confidence, she manages to find ways for her self. She may fail, but a perfect woman will always have the strength to get up and roar back again. Nothing will keep her down for long.


She knows she is not liked by many.


Everyone wants a perfect woman, a strong woman, until she stands up and is perceived as  a challenge. When she throws her voice loud, when she becomes too much to handle, she is  labelled as someone who has forgotten her place. We love the woman as ideas, as fantasies, but not as living humans threatening to be even better than you could ever be. A perfect woman would always know this but would not be perturbed by it. She would still hold the Glass Ceiling the way she wants to, and crash it when she thinks its befitting to do so.

Although, a strong believer that everyone is perfect in his or her own self, above listed pointers can be taken as a reference by men and women alike. On a lighter note… every woman should get up in the morning, look at her partner and say “he is damn lucky”



Let’s show some love and work together towards a happy perfect life.



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