How To Avoid Misunderstanding- Know These 5 Tips


The root cause of all conflicts has always been “I assumed”. We all assume what was never spoken, was never written, was never heard, was never even thought of. The assumption factor is what leads to all misunderstandings, personal or professional, random or strategic.


The dictionary meaning of misunderstanding is:
A situation in which somebody/something is not understood correctly.
Misunderstanding or misinterpretation or dissatisfaction, whichever terminology we use has created havoc on relationships.

A person is full of mistakes and imperfections and therefore they are real. So committing mistakes is a second nature. But if these mistakes create differences then it leads to misunderstandings and hence a conflict in the relationships. It brings out the negativity in us, we may be very good at heart but often lose control over our emotions regarding conflicts. As they say, you don’t intentionally hurt people that you love. But you always hurt people that you love, you can’t hurt people that you don’t love, you eventually hurt only those whom you love.

Your feelings are your signals of deep thoughts inside of you. They’re the language of your soul and they need you to listen to them. And if they signal that something is being wrong done by you, one should pay heed to it. After all, misunderstandings are the laying foundation of a wrecked relation, so one should try its best to avoid it. Here, are some points to ponder over which can be of some help in avoiding misunderstandings.

Tips That Can Help in Avoiding Misunderstanding:

  • Start listening: The important aspect in every relation is to listen. We fight because we listen to those words and phrases that we want to hear. Partial listening is what we all follow, we do selective hearing and thus the problem arises. We form our opinions, mostly wrong on the words that we have heard and comprehended to our own convenience. If one listens properly before having pre-conceived notions, life will be good.
  • Stop exercising the right: We all love to exercise our rights. Rights and attainment or their fulfillment are what we all seek. And the fight for these rights lead to confrontations. When we place our rights above our relations, then it’s the time for the starting of the break down of any relation. One must forget oneself to attain complete trust and happiness in a relation, a misunderstanding arises when “WE’ is substituted with “I”.
  • A break is all what is needed: One must master the art of learning as to when to be aggressive and when to be patient. If one is constantly
    complaining or bickering, then any relation will soon hit the dust. Nobody likes a complaint box. Moreover, to avoid the conflicts that are arising in your life due to various misunderstandings, one should take a small trip (preferably alone or with a set of different friends). A gap is sometimes all one needs to heal the relation, as they say time is the best healer.
  • The focus should be the feelings of individuals: One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and your absence both mean something to someone. One should feel wanted, loved, cared and desirable in a relation. All the factors above strengthen the bond between people. If we focus on the feelings involved in our relations, then misunderstanding can be easily done away with. We should be expressive of our feelings. Expression is the art which should be perfected by one and all. Helps a long way.
  • Seek help: It’s okay to go through rough patches. Efforts should be made to resolve them also. But if the desired results are not being attained, then its best to seek help and bury the underlying cause of those misunderstandings. A therapist will solve the mess that has been created, will try to flush out those emotions hidden in us. The anxiety that we breath, the panic attacks that have engulfed us, all can be resolved with a help of a professional. Love is difficult to find, even more difficult is to keep that love strong against all obstacles. Misunderstandings are a part of our life, they must mess us up. Its upon us to decide the degree and the impact that it will carry on our